Born in 1972 near Grenoble, France, Jp FOURNIER nearly began to draw and paint before he was able to walk...
As a child, his first interest in art were comic strips and, as paradoxal at it may seems, compared to his today's tastes which no longer admits such painting schools, abstract and impressionist art with artists such as Cezanne, Van Gogh or Rouault.

After carrying out studies which were always oriented towards arts, numerous worthless periods of probation in advertising agencies, he started at the Emile COHL school of Lyon in 1992, where the art of illustration in its diversity was clearly revealed to him, thus carried out a synthesis of his two old passions for comics and figurative/realistic painting.

He obtained a diploma in these two domains in 1995 and a year after, he began to devote himself to illustration, quickly getting his first orders from well established extreme metal labels and bands such as Immortal, Demoniac, diabolical masquerade, Yearning or Impaled Nazarene,

In 1999, he decided to dive onto the great adventure of being a free-lance artist, his work appearing on many cd covers for bands in a much power metal style such as Edguy, Avantasia, steel Attack, dragonforce or Powerquest, to name but a few.

Pursuing his job since then, this classical hard rock and heavy metal lover since 25 years have completed more than 100 cover artworks since his very first ordered job, the Demoniac « stormblade » one, back in 1996.
Beside cover illustration, he’s also responsible for some noticed band logos such as the ones for cellador, cryonic temple, dragonforce, elvenking, forgotten realm, intense, magica, hurlement among some others.

Impassioned with mineralogy and paleontology, that he collects samples from all over the world, he also collects old manuscripts from 17th to 19th century, as for music, he can't help but listen to some AOR tunes or Space Ambient while elaborating his artworks, these 2 styles being necessary for his creativity, his aim is to follow the path of his biggest all time influence in the history of painting, the venitian maestro Giambatista Tiepolo, for both the virtuosity and celerity that he represents.

"separate the earth from the fire, the subtle and thin from the crude and course, prudently, with modesty and wisdom." H.T